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Fusion is stronger and more flexible


The STI Fusion process creates an unbreakable bond by fusing the shoe's upper, midsole and outsole together—making it significantly more durable. Specifically, the liquid PU locks into the strobel board creating the unbreakable bond between the upper and the outsole. Thanks to STI Fusion, vulc shoe heel blow outs are now a thing of the past.


STI Fusion shoes are more flexible because of the outsole design. Eliminating the rubber lip (present in traditional vulcanized shoes) around the outsole makes them twice as flexible as traditional vulc shoes.
This means you can skate STI Fusion shoes quicker out of the box with minimal break in time.

Fusion is up to 20% lighter

STI Fusion shoes weigh less because they use less rubber and glue than traditional vulcanized shoes.

Many vulcanized shoes use a "double wrap" technique, which uses twice as much foxing tape around the shoe and increases the weight of the shoe. All vulcanized shoes have a big rubber lip along the edge of the outsole to ensure there is a good bond between the outsole and the foxing tape. STI Fusion doesn't require this rubber lip or extra foxing tape, which makes the shoes up to 20 percent lighter.

Fusion is cleaner

The production time of the STI Fusion process is reduced by 75 percent and requires less glue and energy* to produce the shoes – making a tremendous impact toward a cleaner production method.

How, you say?


  • Glue Usage

    STI Fusion uses 10 percent less glue.

  • Production Time

    Traditional vulcanized:
    Approximately 130 minutes.
    STI Fusion:
    Approximately 32 minutes.
  • Oven Time

    Traditional vulcanized:
    70 minutes at approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
    STI Fusion:
    None (which saves a significant amount of energy!)

Don't take our word for it

Don't just take our word for it. These guys tried it.

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